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Project Description
The System to detect multiple authorship automatically is being created as a means of primarily detecting plagiarism in forged/outsourced documents through computer aided statistical analysis.

This project is being developed using C# with VSTO and WPF for UI

This project while being developed for the purpose of checking for multiple authorship can also be applied in several other fields.
  1. Style Consistency for writers
  2. Disputed authorship of documents
  3. Forensics

This project is largely experimental and looks at a variety of ways in which authorship can be attributed. It is in no way a system that can be used as a definitive means of gathering information although in the future it will be more reliable as it goes through its development iterations.

The basis on which the project is currently being developed is a study called Stylometry which is the practice of attempting to quantify an authors writing style so that it may be analysed on a statistical basis. While this practice is still highly disputed their have been a large number of cases where it has succeeded. Given that, it is not clear if the system will work in successfully identifying if a document has been authored by multiple people.

More details on stylometry and its application in this project will be added later.

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